However, those who think that only the powerful duo are in the limelight are mistaken.

Several clubs in between, such as Valencia, Sevilla, Villarreal, Bilbao, among others, always have interesting duels, fighting for places in European competitions.

With all these ingredients, the Spanish League becomes a great option for the sports betting world, where many bettors take advantage of the 38th rounds per season to make their operations.

But after all, do you know which markets are interesting to make an entry, besides the traditional “match winner”?

Goals market is a great option!

As a comparison, let’s take the last three seasons.

  • In 2019/20, the competition had 942 goals, an average of 2.48 per game.
  • In 2018/19 the average was even higher at 2.59 goals per game, with a total of 983 balls in the net.
  • In 2017/18, the 1,000-goal mark was surpassed, totalling 1024 goals in 380 matches, an average of 2.69 per encounter.

In other words, taking into account the last three seasons, there have been 1140 games with 2949 goals, an average of 2.58 goals per match in La Liga.

Based on this, we can see that the option above 1.5 goals in the match is a very tempting bet, and one that will be beaten in most matches.

Above 2.5 is also interesting, but requires prior analysis before entry to identify whether or not it is a good betting option for the match in question.

Be safer with DNB!

La Liga betting tips

Another very interesting option in the Spanish League is Draw no Bet.

This type of bet is recommended when it involves two teams of almost equal levels, such as Real Madrid-Barcelona or Valencia-Villarreal.

With DNB, the bettor will have more security, because he will choose a winner for the duel and in case of a draw, the bet amount will be returned.

Therefore, there is only a 33.3% chance of losing your entry, since you will have a protection that pays back.

Taking advantage of the Asian handicap!

La Liga betting

Asian handicapping is a betting option that aims to level the playing field. With it, you can add an advantage or disadvantage for a team, thus improving the odds values.

For example, Barcelona are flying in the season and will face Leganés, who are in the last positions. A Barça win pays very little, 1.16.

With the Asian handicap, it is possible to bet on Barcelona -1 option, where the team will need to win by two goals difference, since a goal will be taken away after the final whistle.

With this, the odd that was low becomes more interesting, doubling or even tripling its value.

We can also use the reverse handicap.

Real Sociedad x Getafe, two teams with similar strengths. The bettor chooses Getafe handicap +1.

With this option, the chosen team can draw and your bet will win, as +1 goal will be added to the final score.

This is an option often used by professional punters, as the handicap enables more profitable entries with a higher return value than the original odds.

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