Every bookmaker has a different method that they can offer those who sign up, or even older users.

The best benefits you can find are the no deposit bonus, where the player doesn’t have to make a deposit straight away, but they already get the benefits to be able to get to know the site.

On the other hand, when including this advantage, bookmakers may demand high demand for ‘rollover’ or minimum odds, so keep a close eye on the terms and conditions.

Another type of prize, which can be very interesting, is linked to your mobile phone.

Did you know that even by using your smartphone you can get special offers?

Well, some houses also offer benefits when you use the official app. The prizes are usually free bets or deposit bonuses.

The main questions to ask yourself when choosing the best bonus option

We’ve already mentioned the wide variety of ways to find and get bonuses, so, for the avoidance of doubt, always try to base your decisions on the following questions to see if you’re getting a good deal on bonuses offered by you. .

Is the welcome card handy?

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The most important question of all when faced with an offer that at first seems irresistible, as not always all the steps to get that extra value are highlighted.

Once again we stress the need to read the terms and conditions and be aware of them, especially if there are those ‘fine print’.

With this in mind, your assessment will be even more accurate if you know whether the site in question offers a fair bonus offer that satisfies you, without the effort that may even come out of your budget.

Can I redeem values in an easy way?

When choosing a bookmaker online, be very careful, as there are those bookmakers who make it difficult even to redeem the maturity, leaving very complicated steps to give out values. So validity will also imply more or less practicality in making a redemption.

How can I get a bonus?

The bonuses offered are not always available in the form of real money, unless you follow all the ‘prolongation’ steps, which are usually not that easy. But with good analysis, it is possible to outline your strategy to meet all requirements if it is beneficial to you.

Do I have to make a deposit first to unlock the bonuses?

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Analyse your status when you sign up, as some houses may offer bonuses with a low minimum deposit amount, but we also remind you that your bonuses must be equivalent to what you deposit. So keep your main objective in mind when submitting your first deposit, if it is a ‘must’.

Are there bonuses only for registration, without additional deposits?

There are, but with more specific conditions. Generally, the amounts cannot be converted into real money, but they can help you a lot in structuring your betting strategy and getting to know a variety of different types of specific events that you can bet on.

BONUS TIP (for those who have already registered)

For those who have already created an account on betting sites, bonuses can be offered in other ways.

The best known of these are free betting conversions, increased odds, risk-free bets or credit bets.

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