Honey, beloved by many, is a waste product of bees. They swallow, digest and regurgitate flower nectar, which becomes our usual product containing many trace elements.  Honey is a meadow, mountain, steppe, forest and fruit. The most popular are meadow, buckwheat, linden and sweet clover.

Natural honey, of course, is a good alternative to refined sugar, but do not be deceived – it cannot be consumed in unlimited quantities, because it is 70% glucose and fructose. That is, the body does not distinguish honey from sugar. But the advantage of this product, unlike sugar, is the high content of nutrients. It is worth remembering that when honey is added to hot drinks, almost all beneficial properties are reduced to a minimum or disappear altogether. 

Benefit for health

Benefit for health

Moderate consumption of natural honey can be considered the prevention of certain diseases, it has healing properties for the body. For example, high content of antioxidants normalizes blood pressure levels and heals the cardiovascular system as a whole. Honey normalizes the balance of cholesterol in the body in the direction and reduces the level of triglycerides.

Some studies show that it has an anti-cancer effect against certain types of tumours, but a 100% relationship has not been found.

Regular consumption of bee products is also important for intestinal health, as they contribute to the normalization of microflora and the reproduction of healthy bacteria. When you decide to play at the Bet22 India website, you can drink tea with honey and take care of your health as well. Due to this, as well as antibacterial and antifungal medicinal properties, this natural product is considered an immunostimulating agent.

The heating myth

There is a stereotype that honey becomes toxic when heated. This is a myth, but only partially. Studies have shown that it loses most of its nutrients when heated and improperly stored (in the light in a loose container). 

When honey is heated, a controversial component is indeed released, which some consider harmful – hydroxymethylfurfural. In large doses, it is a poison that depresses the nervous system. Studies in mice have shown that this component has little or no carcinogenic effect since the dose is negligible. But since there is no exact information, scientists do not recommend using heated honey daily. If you bake gingerbread a few times a year, or if you occasionally drink tea with honey, you’re safe. But it is important that the product is of high quality, preferably organic and, of course, not diluted with anything, otherwise, it is difficult to predict what exactly it contains.

Honey for beauty

Honey for beauty

Honey has beneficial properties not only when ingested, but also as a cosmetic product. It can heal wounds and abrasions, moisturize and nourish the skin, and smooth fine wrinkles.

Honey works especially well for chapped lips. It is enough to apply it in a thick layer on the lips for 10 minutes, hold for 10 minutes, massage and rinse with warm water, as you will immediately notice the difference.

How to choose honey

Arriving at a store or market, you see a huge selection in front of you – liquid honey, creamy, dark, light, white, with berries or nuts. How not to make a mistake when choosing? Honey should contain no more than 14-20% water so that the fermentation process does not begin in it. If you choose between several banks, turn them over. The jar where the air bubble rises more slowly contains less water. Honey should be stored in a tightly closed container to avoid absorbing moisture from the air.

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