Go for getting three sevens in a row for the game’s biggest prize, but don’t underestimate the wins you’ll get from some fruits like watermelon or grapes. Anyway, you can rest assured that you will have no problem tracking and understanding the results of your bets on this slot. This is Burning Wins, the most classic fruit slot game among all those ever developed by Playson, its producer.

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Why play Burning Wins slot?

Burning Wins

Often, slot players get frustrated with the level of sophistication of the games they choose. Not because they are always the same, but because you can no longer even begin to understand what to expect from slots these days, as they all have super-sophisticated mechanics, sometimes with hundreds or thousands of paylines, and it is simply impossible to keep track of their results, leaving the player to rely on the analytical power of the software.

Of course, cases of slots that steal or harm the user by hiding paylines are very rare or don’t even exist, but come on… if you are betting on certain paylines, it would be nice to be able to understand when and why you won or didn’t win. With only 5 paylines and 9 symbols on the screen, in a 3×3 formation, you certainly won’t have this kind of problem with Burning Wins.

In case you want to better understand what I’m talking about, you can access this and all the other hundreds of Playson titles directly on their website and test them using dummy currency, playing for as long as you want. Thus, you can see in practice everything we have commented so far, and also test the values of each of the symbols, which we will present in detail below.

Symbols and Prize Values

Burning Wins online

Here is a list of all the symbols in this fruit slot game, along with the payouts they award. Remember: as the slot is a 3×3 with 5 paylines, the only possible combinations always involve 3 identical symbols, and there is only one prize range for each of the icons in the game.

  • Seven: 60x payout
  • Bell: 40x Prize
  • Bar: 20x Prize
  • Watermelon: 15x Prize
  • Grape: 15x Prize
  • Plum: 7x winnings
  • Lemon: 7x Prize
  • Orange: 7x prize
  • Cherry: 7x Prize

Burning Wins: Conclusions

Simply the most classic Playson slot, which seeks to rescue the experience of a simple slot machine, with few symbols, very few panel slots and few paylines. With generous wins for each symbol, it still offers a good possibility for the player to achieve big wins, just by taking 3 sevens for the 60x prize, for example.

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