When you are ready, take advantage of the offers of one of our recommended casinos to feel the real thrill of playing Hot Bingo. This is another Play’n Go branded launch.

This is 90 ball video bingo and you play with up to 4 cards of 15 numbers. A total of 33 balls will be drawn first.

The game has four possible payouts: four corners, one line, two lines and full card. The lowest payout is one-times your stake for four corners and 1,000 times your stake if you complete a full slate.

In addition, you can expect up to 9 extra balls when there is only one number left to complete at least one double line.

Play’n Go has other new features. In Hot Bingo you can win the Super Line Bonus. To do so, you just need to complete a line with up to 18 balls drawn. In this case, your winnings are multiplied by two to fifty times.

But the best part is the jackpot. To take home the jackpot, you have to complete a full deck with 30 balls or less. But remember, all four cards must be active and you must bet at least three credits on each card.

With so many opportunities like this it is hard not to try out this amazing video bingo.

How to play Hot Bingo

Hot Bingo game

If you have any questions on how to play Hot Bingo, follow our instructions and play like a true video bingo pro. Here you go!

The first thing to do is to set how much you are going to bet per round. To do so is quite simple. Set the value of each coin and then define how many coins you want to play with per card.

You can then select how many coins you want to play with. Also, you can select the numbers you’re going to compete with.

Other optional features include automatic spins, spin history and sound control. Make the adjustments you think necessary.

Now it’s time to play. Press the green button to start the game. You can also select the [FLASH] button to make the draw happen faster. Then just wait for all 33 balls to be drawn and cheer.

The game pauses for a few seconds in case of a win, as your blocks are marked automatically. If you win the jackpot, the sequence will be highlighted in red.

The winning numbers will be highlighted in yellow. The numbers that are flashing purple are the ones you are missing before you win. This makes it easier to control if you activate the extra balls option.

But in order to become an expert, it is important to play free Hot Bingo here at Blog and test all available features. Play as much as you want on our site, it has been designed especially for you to practice.

Hot Bingo theme, design and graphics

Play’n Go has prepared a classic theme for Hot Bingo. The style of the game matches the more traditional video bingos. Therefore, it is perfect for those who like simple games to have fun.

Furthermore, Hot Bingo has been designed with the player in mind. All of the features are easily accessible from the game screen, which is available in Portuguese.

Like all Play’n Go games, the graphics are of excellent quality. Therefore, this video bingo can be played on any platform, including mobile devices.

Try all the quality that the brand brings in its games and have fun!

How to win at Hot Bingo

Hot Bingo review

Winning at Hot Bingo is not a very difficult task, as it is a game of medium volatility. This means that the value and frequency of the prizes can vary a lot. This appeals to players of all kinds.

But to get an advantage, you must be dedicated and persistent until you get a good win. Prefer to play at times when you can make longer sections, since the highest prizes can come at any time.

The game’s special prizes guarantee a good time, plus they can be quite lucrative.

To win the jackpot, always play with four active cards and at least three credits. It’s worth taking a chance on luck.

But to really win, you need to play for real money in one of our recommended casinos. All of them have been tested and approved by our team.

This way, you can play with complete confidence to ensure your enjoyment. Sign up now and take advantage of the great welcome offers from our recommended online casinos. Good luck and good fun!

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